About Us

Our motivation…

Thanks to our customers, hard work, and determination over the last four decades, we have grown into a leader among Southern New England post and beam barn design and construction companies.  Our structures are recognized for quality, beauty, craftsmanship, and longevity.  Sigfridson Wood Products has always focused on customized plans to compliment each individual project.  No two projects are alike, and each building is custom designed and tailored to each customers specific needs.  We would enjoy hearing from you and look forward to chatting about your project.

Our Founders

Meet Ken Sigfridson

Ken Sigfridson was born and raised in Brooklyn Connecticut.  With a desire to serve his country as a young man, Ken began his adult career in the United States Navy.  In 1972, with his military goals accomplished, Ken settled down to start a family and raise three sons in his scenic hometown of Brooklyn.  Ken’s entrepreneurial spirit needed to be satiated.  A sawmill would be the first step on his path to Sigfridson Wood Products.  As a sawyer, Ken would saw local Eastern White Timbers into saleable lumber.  Over time, his niche developed as building kits came into the picture.  Building kits were sawn to order by Ken and erected by local builders.  As the business grew over the decades, it evolved into a design build construction company.   42 years later it is still at the core of what Sigfridson Wood Products does!

Ken retired in 2015 to spend time with family and hone his hobbyist skills.  These days Ken can be found tinkering with his vast model train collection, wreaking havoc with his Linkbelt excavator, or spending time with his grandchildren.

Meet Evan Sigfridson

To say he was, “Born and raised at the mill…” at Sigfridson Wood Products, is no exaggeration for Evan Sigfridson.  Formally educated in Building Construction, Evan has been an integral part of daily operations at Sigfridson Wood Products since 2010.  Taking the helm in 2015, Evan has grown alongside the business and explored new design elements, creating his own signature style.
Like his Father, Evan has also chosen to raise a family in his scenic hometown of Brooklyn CT, just a stones throw from the bustling Sigfridson Mill.
While his passion for Sigfridson Wood Products occupies the bulk of his days, in his free time, Evan can be found spending time with family and friends, along with boating, surfing, and fishing for just about anything that’ll bite a hook.