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125 Fitzgerald Road, Brooklyn, CT 06234




What size buildings are available?

We custom design and draw every building, so any two foot increment is possible. We offer sidewall heights from 8’ to 16’ and can adjust the loft floor height to suit your needs.

What is included in the “Lumber Kit”?

The Kit includes a set of customized construction drawings and all of the lumber necessary to construct the building. Included would be the Pressure Treated sill, the framing and rafters, the loft flooring and stair materials (if applicable), roof boards, siding, and trim. There are no windows, doors, roofing, hardware or fasteners included.

Where do you offer your buildings?

We will deliver kits within New England (CT, RI, MA, NH, VT ,ME) and Eastern New York. We offer construction services within southern New England.

Can you build in the winter time?

Yes. Provided the foundation is established, our crews are available year round.

What is the lead time for a kit or a complete building?

Everything begins with generating a set of plans. These typically take 1-2 weeks. Once the plans are finished, the customer can apply for their building and zoning permits. A kit can be ready in as little as 2 weeks. As for construction, We operate with several knowledgeable and highly skilled craftsman this enables us to typically begin construction very shortly after the approvals and foundation are complete. Construction can take days or months, please inquire for more specific information.