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125 Fitzgerald Road, Brooklyn, CT 06234


About Us

Thanks to customers like you, hard work and determination over the last three decades we have grown into a leader among Southern New England post and beam barn design and construction businesses.  Often emulated, our structures are recognized for quality, beauty and craftsmanship.  Sigfridson Wood Products has always focused on customized plans to compliment individualized customer service.  Our singular motivation and source of pride at Sigfridson Wood Products is the realization of each new customer’s objective; our passion helps build your vision.  Our strong word-of-mouth referral business is a testament to our efforts.  We would enjoy hearing from you and look forward to accomplishing your next building project.

How It works

How does the process work?  Where do I start?

Get to know your property and the allowances therein.  Understand the permitting process, including things such as allowable setbacks from property lines or building height limitations; this is a great first step. Your local building & zoning authority is the best resource and usually ample information is readily available.  Don’t be overwhelmed by this process, over the years we have operated in hundreds of areas with differing rules and regulations; we have learned that developing a good relationship with your local building inspector helps get the job off on the right foot!

Now that you are familiar with some of the building regulations in your area and you know you can build that structure you dream of; it’s time to make an appointment, Contact Us!  We listen to your needs and design input while generally hand sketching an initial mock-up of your building.  By asking the right questions we can help you get the maximum benefit for your investment. 

After our meeting an estimate will be drafted and sent to you for approval.  Once approved by you and a deposit is in hand the blueprints are custom drafted by local talent and building scheduling begins.

The foundation and site work is the first step in the building process.  Once a blueprint is drawn, digging can progress and a concrete foundation is poured.  Then post and beam craftsman arrive on site and begin the building.  Depending on the size and scale of the project this process could be a matter of days or months.  We will estimate the job duration for your individual project.

Then the job is complete and you need to plant grass, get your horses or cars pulled in and enjoy your Sigfridson Wood Products post and beam building for decades to come!

Meet Ken Sigfridson

Kenneth Sigfridson was born and raised in Brooklyn, Connecticut on a chicken farm.  With a desire to serve his country as a young man Ken began his adult career in the United States Navy.  In 1972 with his military goal accomplished, Ken’s entrepreneurial spirit needed to be satiated.  A sawmill would be the first step on his path to Sigfridson Wood Products.  As a sawyer in the early 70’s ends were met through custom sawing orders for locals or railroad ties paid by the piece.  Over time his niche developed as building kits came into the picture; made to order from local timber, erected by local builders.  If this sounds familiar it’s because 35 years later it is still at the core of what Sigfridson Wood Products does!  Establishing the business formally in 1979 it grew along with his three sons who at various intervals have all worked in the business.  Today Ken’s youngest son Evan is shouldering efforts to maintain the excellent reputation enjoyed by Sigfridson Wood Products.   

Meet Evan Sigfridson

To say he was, “Born and raised on the mill…” at Sigfridson Wood Products in Windham County, Connecticut is no exaggeration for Evan Sigfridson.  In 1984 when he was born the business had been in operation for more than six years and hundreds of buildings had been erected.  Formally educated in Building Construction, Evan has been an integral part of daily operations for over ten years.  Evan’s zero-pressure sales style is grounded in listening to your needs.  He demands the highest efforts of the whole Sigfridson Wood Products team to achieve the quality expected; his manner is exacting and his personal attention is placed on every project.